2 comments on “Graduation of Creators in Training?

  1. First time here, I saw your post on another site. Interesting about the sun dance being cancelled because of fires. here in Alberta the annual pilgrimage to Lac St Anne is where native peoples and others go to the lake to be healed but the province issued a warning to not go in the water because of blue-green algae bloom which is highly toxic. I thought at the time that it may be a message that maybe we do not need to go to sacred places outside of us as much as to go the sacred place within.

    • Dear Jane:
      Thank you for your good words…and perhaps you are right. When I went to Bear Butte in So. Dakota a year ago, I was ‘told’ that many of the Spirits there were leaving…I sensed a great sadness in the one who “told” me of this…and it was true, I did not sense the many, many Spirit Beings I had always sensed before. Many of my friends have spoken since that time saying that they could not ‘hear’ their Guides/Guardian Angels…others spoke of knowing that they would never return to those beloved sacred places dear to their hearts. I too felt that about Bear Butte…and I felt a sadness about this. Things are changing…and we are the ones who will stand and welcome it in. Aho!

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