2 comments on “Have the Ultra-Rich in Our Government lost touch?

  1. Some lessons in life are individualistic, and some are group lessons. I believe that the Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Jones town, Wounded Knee, just to name a few, are all examples of group lessons for the rest of us about what happens when you lose touch with, or cut yourself off from the source of all life. Some “people” have trouble with feelings, it’s a sure bet that “corporations” whose only mandate is survival, growth and profit, certainly have trouble with concepts like compassion, and love.
    And of course maybe the biggest lesson of all for all of us, was to put other people in positions of power over us, and then expect them to do what we should have been doing for ourselves. Why do we fight so hard for freedom, and then give it away so easily to others based on something so volatile as a promise?

  2. I agree about the “group lessons”. Perhaps they were lessons about losing touch with source of all life. But I also felt they gave their lives to ignite the Compassion within us to a higher degree. I don’t feel that it’s impossible for a Corporation to have compassion…but to do so means it’s at the very heart of their creation…maybe even their mission statement. And I totally agree about giving our responsibility away to others. Good words, ‘Sanora1″! Wopila…thank you.

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