8 comments on “Whoosh! Whoosh! The sound of Eagle wings…

  1. I have been on sick leave after a job I loved ended and I was not ready or willing to take on a new one. Everything within was screaming no. I found this to to be “an opportunity for growth” and as I ready myself to go forward I know I don’t have all the answers and haven’t learned all the lessons but there is no definite timeline to this. it is a healing time not a punishment though I really did feel like a failure. Love your message about the eagles. Thank you.

    • Forgive me sister…did not see this Comment before the other one. I am glad you do not think of your time to rest and contemplate a “punishment” as I did but I am genuinely compassionate about the feeling of failure…but I would ask you to ask yourself “is it REALLY true that you’re a failure…or is it Spirit asking you the tough questions about changes? As for the Eagle story…it is easy for human beings to understand and be compassionate toward a Relative’s trials…and then it makes it easier for us to understand and be compassionate toward our own trials. Be gentle with yourself!

      • No, it is not true that I am a failure, it is time to get some healing and to get ready for the next step. Thank you for the comments about compassion and it is true about Spirit asking me tough questions about change.Your loving comments remind me to ask Spirit’s guidance and to be gentle with myself. Peace and Love from Jane

  2. I liked your post very much. If it is any consolation let me say that belief and trust are not built from within the confines of safety. All who have come to believe and trust have to put it all on the line at one time or another. You are in excellent company and those who are in awe of your actions inwardly realize that someday they to will have to take the same journey. There are no shortcuts to a full conscious reawakening. I wish you all the best and I will send you light.

    • Thank you brother for sharing those encouraging thoughts…and I do whole-heartedly agree with you…we all have to put ‘it’ on the line someday. Wopila (thank you) Sanora…for your feedback and your kind intentions! I send you many blessings and ask that you be as gentle with yourself as you have been with me, my brother!

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