4 comments on “Our Homeless Street Relatives are our ‘Teachers’

  1. Amen that was wonderful.  We are all just a moment away from having similar stories.


  2. I spent a couple of days contemplating this. I remember when Oprah said homelessness for some is only a pay cheque away. And I was remembering what that was like. Thank God for the kindness of friends and thank you for the message.

    • Thank you, Jane, for your thoughts on this. I too remember when Oprah spoke about it and I reflected that I was in the same boat. At that time, things were already kind of dicey (job-wise) where I lived. I was reading stories about wealthy (or, at least I thought they were wealthy) losing multiple homes and finding themselves having to live in their cars in Santa Barbara. That was a shock for many of us. Many of us fell…just that some of us did not have far to fall. Elders, who experienced the Depression, seem unable to grasp the severity of the situation. They really believe there are plenty of jobs out there but people are “too lazy” to get them. They are shocked when their 50-60 year sons/daughters who have had good jobs for years, suddenly ask if they can move in with them! Anyway, it is a challenging situation for many now. Thank you again for your thoughts!

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