4 comments on “Self-Respect….a teaching from Spirit

  1. Suddenly, right as I started to share about “Tióšpaye”, What is the meaning of this word? I love your writings about your dreams and other sources of learning. A good day to you, friend. Carol

    • Tióšpaye has a variety of meanings…can mean a clan under a particular leader…a community…extended family or a family group.

      Thank you for the kind words…the dream was definitely enlightening to me…and what’s more, it ‘felt right’! Valuable Lesson!
      Many blessings!

  2. I took this to be real, then you mentioned it was a dream (which is real). Either way , this is a valuable lesson. I was really struck by the situation, the staring, and the yelling out to someone else, but especially that you stopped trying to explain and just walked away. Wow! Things would be so better served by walking away.Thank you for sharing the story and about what the elders tell about “real” dreams.The picture is lovely.

    • I am grateful that this dream ‘spoke’ to you, Jane. I was genuinely surprised myself by this dream. It isn’t the kind I usually have. I can still see the stare this woman had on her face…and feel the people there listening to me intently…and that need of mine to speak up and say something…it was all so very real. It truly “felt” like a teaching from the Elders. And when I responded in the dream as I was asked to…I felt ‘different’…like I had ‘grown’ in a personal way. Wopila and thank you for sharing your kind words and your feelings. Gratefully appreciated!

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