2 comments on “Whispers of my Spiritual Ancestors…

  1. Even though I live in “oil country” and benefit from the industry (my camera and equipment and many things that I use) I am saddened by the greed and destruction to Mother Earth and the drive to produce, produce, produce and get the pipelines through lands that are sanctuaries for native peoples, nature, prime farming land, sacred space, etc. I have learned not to be “anti oil” but think that you really said it when you said “Balance.”Balance is sorely needed and the attitude of big companies and government officials that bully their way through the land despite what the people think or want and despite the effects has got to go. That is what I get out of your writing. Blessings to you.

  2. I agree with all that you shared! I also feel that behaving and treating each other with Compassion and Respect is critical component to Balance. How we respond with each other leads to an opportunity for Balance…or for disharmony. What has helped me has been a way of life that teaches all these values…and encourages me to live these values daily. After awhile…approaching others with courtesy and respect is second nature. Because if I can leave each person I meet with a pleasant memory…that brings balance into my life…and balance ‘ripples out’ to my other relationships…and ripples out from there. So, you’re right Balance is sorely needed. But I also feel we need a ‘Way of Life’ to provide a foundation for continued Balance. Thank you for your good thoughts!

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