2 comments on ““Tell us about this ‘Creator’ of yours….”

  1. Not a pleasant dream but happy for the affirmation.Thoughts that arose for me: Interesting about “my world was not real”. Which world? When someone has to judge another for their creator-who is lacking? Not the outside appearances but the inside. I invite you to see my blog about TRC.All my relations. Jane

  2. Hi Lynn. The staircase in your dream represents levels of consciousness to me, and those women I think were possibly angels. The inquiry was not meant to belittle you so much as to draw to your attention your current understanding of the Creator, in order to determine if you were satisfied with your understanding. Had it been me, I would have said, “I’m not sure about the Creator,..but that’s a nice dress your wearing,..by the way,…are you serving lunch?”

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