4 comments on “Legend of the Talking Feather

  1. I was thinking of you yesterday, wondering where you were because I had not received a blog for a while, and then got this e-mail today. I have not heard this story before but appreciate the wisdom in a circle while one holds the talking feather “when the feather is held with its back to the listeners and the inside curve to the speaker he will hear his own words first as they come back to him.” I have received many of my answers this way as well as from others while in a talking circle. Ha Ha, I can also relate to the noise as the young magpies wake me up in the early morning, they do make a racket, but I am happy to hear them.Thank you for sharing.

    • I have been busy writing a book. While on my Hanblecheya (Vision Quest) the second week of May, I was ‘told’ the way in which I was to share my stories. And it has just flowed out out me. It has not left much time for the blog. But I came upon this story and felt it was important to share this way of thinking. And I so agree with yo about the racket of the Crow and the Magpie…kind of does remind me of some meetings I have participated in. LOL! I hope all is well with you, my friend. Many blessings!

  2. Lovely story. How good to hear from you. A nurse from Kaiser comes today to evaluate me, my meds, any needs we might have, etc. Feels kind of odd but it’s a free Medicare service. Could even have a home health care worker but don’t feel the need of that. Frank called me as soon as he landed from Europe. He must have just talked to the office. Said he’d even have gowned up to visit me. Knows all about the meanness of C.diff.. Have you heard from the job yet? Love, Carol

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