6 comments on “Be Careful What You Ask for…

  1. this is an amazing story at this point in time, as so many are serving in extremist ways, thinking that they are right. It is so important to check with others and go carefully. I think it is honourable to teach others the importance of prayer with guidance from others.When you share about your experience of Chief Crazy Horse reaching you,I am reminded of a recent editorial cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon that has touched many hearts worldwide. It shows one of the WW1 soldiers stepping off of the statue of the National war monument in Ottawa of the WW1 and reaching out to the fallen Cpl Cirillo to comfort him after he was shot by the gunman . That reminds me of the ways our ancestors reach out to us. You ended the story where you did but I feel there is more to come. Blessings.

  2. Hi Lynn, that was an interesting and touching story. I enjoyed reading about some of your life, especially the parts where you show enough courage to act upon your intuition and feelings. As we all find out sooner or later, hind sight is 20/20. I know so many people in the beginning or later stages of their spiritual journey who have lost everything, and are starting over. Don’t lose heart, I believe that this happens because we can not drag our old baggage and values into our new life, and still call it new. Moving closer to God is initially a move that requires a readjustment of our value system, otherwise we will simply just recreate our past experiences all over again. It seems like we are losing everything we value in our lives,…and we are, because most of us tend to place value on things that are temporal. The up side of having nothing, is that it’s easy to manage!! We learn to appreciate the simple things in life. I remember those times when, if I had a dollar to buy a coffee and a good book to read, I felt like I was in heaven.
    The bottom line is that, most of us have always said we have faith, but how many of us have had to test it and rely on it in the way that you are doing. You are currently changing many aspects of your life all at once, including your values and beliefs, …that is a lot to undergo all at once. The mind rebels at such drastic and massive change, and screams for a return to the old ways. But, unfortunately, once we reach a certain point, the only way is forward. I wish you all the best Lynn.

  3. Thank you, brother, for some of the most insightful ideas I’ve heard from anyone…and I have reflected on them for the last several days. And actually, I really do agree with you. I knew I wasn’t re-creating my “old life” but creating a new one. I related to your words on the coffee/a good book. As they say: been there…done that. The 6 mos of homelessness taught me much but scarred me as well. Until now. I shall have to see where this all leads. Thank you again!

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